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Online Giving


We are excited to offer the opportunity to donate to Christ Lutheran School or Christ Church Lutheran via your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover.) Below are your giving options:

Capital Improvement - This is used for non-budgeted immediate need expenses, such as a leaky roof, broken air conditioning, etc.

New School Building – Donations to this fund will be used for our next school project.

Church General Fund - All donations that go to this unrestricted account will be used in the areas deemed most necessary.

School Operating Gift - All donations that go to this unrestricted account will be used in the areas deemed most necessary.

Below is a list of financial needs that could be impacted by your donation to an unrestricted fund.


Athletics - Physical wellness is an important component to a balanced and healthy life. So whether a student is participating in our competitive after school sports program, or learning sports in PE class that will follow them for their life time, or they are developing a healthy diet and body image through one of our science or health classes, the athletics program is an integral part of each student’s life at CLS from preschool through 8th grade.


Campus Expansion - This is used to fund the next project.


Music Conservatory - Music is a unique form of expression that allows both the performer and audience to experience a range of emotions. Our Music Conservatory will allow students at all levels to develop and enhance the skills needed for a multitude of musical talents—voice, piano, guitar, handbells, band, etc.


Resource Program - Our desire is to help all students achieve academic success. We believe that God created each of us with different talents, learning styles, and abilities. At times, these differences can make school challenging. This program was created to offer resources and guidance to help students succeed.


Technology - To ensure that our faculty and students are on the cutting-edge of new technology, CLS is constantly watching for new ways to improve how our students learn. Technology can include developing a Kindle corner in the library, enhancing our Science Lab or upgrading our Computer Lab or portable lap tops.

We know that you have many choices when giving and we appreciate your consideration. If you would prefer that your charitable gift be earmarked for one of the areas above, please contact Kim Walton at or 602.957.7010, x1021, to do so. If you are interested in information on non-cash gifts or how to include CCL/CLS in your estate plans, please contact the office at 602.957.7010.


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