Is Celebrate Recovery For Me?

CR offers a person the opportunity to participate in a group fellowship where love and hope combine with God's purpose to mend our lives.

Ask yourself:
    Are there things I do that hurt others?
    Is there something I wish I could live without?
    Is it time to break through my denial and admit that I am not in    
    control of my life?
    Do I have a painful habit or hang-up from which I need to be
    Is a past abuse in my life preventing me from being able to move

If you answered "yes" to any of these statements, we urge you to join us this Thursday night for delicious food, welcoming fellowship, lively worship, inspirational teaching, and honest testimonies that will strengthen and support you on the road to recovery!

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups CAN:
    Provide you a safe place to share you experiences, strengths
    and hope with others who are going through the "Principles"
    in a Christ-centered recovery.

    Provide you a leader who has gone through a similar hurt, habit
    or hang-up that will facilitate the group as it focuses on a
    particular Step each week.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups Will NOT:
    Attempt to offer any professional clinical advice. Our leaders
    are not counselors.

    Allow its members to attempt to fix one another.