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Frequently Asked Questions-Scroll Down to See All Questions

Q: When is BPM in 2019?
A: Feb. 21-23, 2019. We begin at 9:30am on Thursday, Feb. 21 with an optional seminar, and end 
        at 3pm on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Q: Is the conference really free?
A: Yes! We have been blessed by a coalition of the willing, those of you who have volunteered 
        your time and talents to make this conference happen for free.

Q: Will you provide any meals?
A: Yes, we will provide lunch and dinner on Thursday, Feb. 21; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on  
        Friday, Feb. 22; and breakfast and lunch on Saturday, Feb. 23. It's all free!

Q: Am I locked into the 5 sessions that I register for?
A: No. We want you to choose 5 sessions now so that we can plan for space, and the number of 
        times that we offer a session.

Q: When will the detailed session schedule be available?
A: We will provide detailed schedules upon your arrival at the conference. If we can, we will email 
        it out, and post it online prior to the start of the conference.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Casual to Business Casual. Dress comfortably!

Q: Can I come for just one day or for part of the conference? Should I register if I'm only 
        coming for a short time?
A: Yes! Please come and go as your schedule allows. Yes, please register so that we can plan for 
        space and food.

Q: If I am I speaker or an exhibitor, should I register?
A: Yes, please register! We want to have an accurate count for food and space.

Q: Should my spouse register?
A: Yes, please register! We want to have an accurate count for food and space.

Q: Can I set up an exhibitor's table?
A: Yes. We provide a four foot space (this means sharing an 8 foot table) on our basketball court. 
        Please bring items of comfort such as an umbrella, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, a travel chair, 
        and paperweights. It is free to exhibit.

Q: Can I submit an insert for the conference binder?
A: Please check back for our 2019 plans.

Q: Can I send in promo items for the conference goody bag?
A: Please check back for our 2019 plans.

Q: What is the conference hashtag?
A: #bpmphx2019

Q: Can I show up before 12:15pm on Thursday, Feb. 21?
A: Lunch will be available beginning at 10:30am.

Q: Can I park on campus?
A: Parking is limited. If you can, please try to use our shuttle service or carpool with other 

Q: Will you pick me up?
A: We will provide free shuttle service to and from any of the hotels that we have noted with 
        transportation available. 

Q: Will you drop me off at the airport?
A: Yes. We will provide shuttles to the airport on Saturday, Feb. 23. We will provide shuttles to              the airport upon request on Friday, Feb. 22.

Q: How will you know when I need a ride from the hotel?
A: We will publish a shuttle schedule prior to the conference so that you can view pickup 

Q: How will you know when I need to go to the airport?
A: We will have airport shuttle sign up sheets available during the conference.

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